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What Is It?

As well as giving your video an extra something special, 3D graphics can also be a great way to demonstrate products, buildings and machinery or create characters. There are 3 main phases of 3D graphics: modelling (building objects within a 3D environment), animation (adding movement to the objects) and rendering (the production of the final video or printable imagery). blank

Why It Works

3D graphics and animations are the best way to help your customers visualise your products, spaces and business concepts. They utilise the latest, most advanced technology more commonly associated with big budget feature films, adding an instant touch of class to any promotional or instructional video or image. They also work perfectly as a type of 3 dimensional blueprint for products or buildings that are still in the design stage, offering your clients a visual demonstration of your concepts and providing a great way of explaining ideas that would be otherwise impossible to film.

Our range of 3D Graphics services includes:

  • Product visualisation
  • Architectural visuals
  • Architectural walkthroughs
  • Photorealistic imaging
  • CGI
  • Medical visualisation
  • Scientific animation
  • 3D Illustration
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